Bankruptcy, a forgotten option in the pandemic times.

Project Coordinator: Vjoela Allkanjari

In Albania business’ are insufficiently aware which chances bankruptcy procedures can provide, as they are confused between bankruptcy/foreclosure itself and bankruptcy proceedings trying to protect business from foreclosure meanwhile. Legal & Economical Experts in Bankruptcy Law want to set up an additional panel, first with a conference and its evaluation. The aim is to prepare a non-academic network on practical issues relating to insolvency proceedings and to deepen this with subsequent projects. All parties to such bankruptcy proceedings should not only be involved, but they also drawing attention to existing problems, should take part in establishing a network and discussion panel or create its basis. In addition, they should capture the different perspectives on existing problems.

The project aims to be implemented by obtaining concrete information, not only on theoretical grounds but also on bankruptcy proceedings conducted in the Republic of Albania.

It is also designed in such a way that any information obtained will be subject to analysis in the future from professionals and practitioners in bankruptcy proceedings.

In this regard, the accurate source of information and professionalism of the parties that we will involve in the project, is to be considered as guarantee result that will be the basis of study for taking further steps to improve the staff: legal awareness of all actors for the conduct of bankruptcy proceedings.In this context , the expectations are to be followed in sequential use with :

  • Projects for intervention for improving the legislation.
  • Projects for training of judges, administrators of bankruptcy , attorneys , prosecutors for the implementation in practice of legal cases for practical cases of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Projects with state institutions for implementation and applicability of legislation as opportunity for business to solve the cramp of companies in difficulty , as the possibility for giving a solution to the part of the economy that is in difficulty.

A first Albanian bankruptcy network is to be found and set up to find joint solutions to existing problems in future projects.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Vjoela Allkanjari