Creating sustainable transfer of knowledge for building novel ideas for critical environmental issues in the Western Balkan countries

The project involves networking of students and scientific researchers from Western Balkan countries for creating dataset base of the latest chemo-metric approaches for environmental pollution/protection and ecological effects as well. Even the environmental pollution is a global problem, the latest research indicate that the Western Balkan countries are significantly affect with the environmental pollution. Furthermore, the Western Balkan countries still deals with the problem of poor population awareness for environmental protection. Therefore, this project idea is to unite the knowledge from Western Balkan countries and share with youth from this region, increasing the environmental protection awareness within students. Therefore, the students will have the main role in lunching the environmentally friendly aspects for creating novel chemo-metric models in environmental sciences. The beneficiary effect for the Western Balkan students will be creating long-term valuable and sustainable correlations. It´s a 2-day event.

Project manager: Kiril Jordanov

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Kiril Jordanov