Developing a participatory methodology for addressing trans-regional issues bridging science and practice: Use case of Intelligent Transport Systems from a managerial and technical perspective (BRIDGE WBAAP)

Project coordinator: Daniela Koltovska Nechoska

The project aims to develop and devise integrative methodology for innovative managerial/technical aspects in the domain of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The methodology will be based on a multi-creation approach and critical success factor method (CSF) as means for identifying important elements which lead to effectiveness. Systematic and successful approaches set priorities and establish the long-term vision; promote convergence for addressing trans-regional uses for innovative managerial technical access in ITS. Additionally, this project will devise guidelines/roadmap, describing in detail how this methodology can be used efficiently. The best practices and lessons learned from North Macedonia will be distributed in the region and all identified stakeholders.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Daniela Koltovska Nechoska