DIGIWB – Digitalization as a tool for sustainable Western Balkan regional development

Project Coordinator: Tihomir Latinovic

Establish an attractive student, professors , NGOs etc,. training for preparing the post-qualifying education courses with a special focus on developing digitalization writing skills. These courses are dedicated to enhancing the present knowledge within the Digitalization in Western Balkan. Design and development of a strategic and administrative system for the establishment of a continuous support program for digitalization. The project will consist of a training program for groups of 40 students and professors in the basics of WB digitalization. Workshop with representatives of high education, industry, NGO and freelancing peoples (minimum of 5 representatives from each WB country). The DIGIWB project will in a first step, be focused on the establishment of routines /administration, education program, exchange program and digitalization project facilities between the partners. The training aims to acquaint the training participants with the basics of relational database development, and with the basics of SQL language on the example of MySQL database management system. This cycle is designed to work with people who have no previous experience with relational databases. As a final outcome of the two-day training, each training participant will be able to understand the importance of logical database design. Each participant in the training will be able to independently or in a team approach the development of a relational database model, to recognize the need to decompose and approach the decomposition of relations without losing information. We will also work on training participants to approach the physical implementation of a database individually or in a team using a MySQL relational database management system. DIGIWB is a project, designed for those who have been vaccinated, have had COVID 19, or have a PCR Test, not older than 48 hours. We expect that the project will go according to plan in September 2021. We will be ready for any scenario, but we rightly believe that these are WESTERN BALKAN countries that still have no obstacles in the transition of people. In any case, the workshop will offer a mixed approach both live and online.

Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Tihomir Latinovic