Erasmus+ Ambassadors – Empowering Erasmus+ Alumni

Project “Erasmus+ Ambassadors – Empowering Erasmus+ Alumni” is a two day event that will take place in September in Belgrade, Serbia and will gather 60 Erasmus+ Alumni (WBAA members and future WBAA members) with the purpose of educating them about personal, academic and professional benefits of mobility and empowering them to promote Erasmus+ programme to their peers and colleagues. As an outcome of the event we will have 5 project proposals for promoting Erasmus+ that could later on be developed as WBAA project. Additionally, in order to raise awareness about the benefits of mobility and increase the popularity of the Erasmus+ programme in our region we will create a promotional video “Erasmus+ makes you more successful!”.

Project manager: Bojana Zimonjic

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Bojana Zimonjic