Extracting Green-COVID effects for generating clean technologies and successful youth transition awareness for the climate change and sustainable development of the Western Balkan countries

Project coordinator: Kiril Jordanov

The main purpose of the project will be to gather 70 youths, students, researchers, scientists, experts, and professors where they can discuss and propose new methods for environmental protection and sustainability. During the 3 days events representative professors and experts will train and motivationally will educate students and youth from 5 Western Balkan countries.

Training sessions and practice workshops will be organized titled as “ONE for ALL, all for the green environment”. The main purpose of the conference meeting will be to generate a sustainable tool for distributing the GREEN ideas for ZERO pollution. Moreover, this project will contribute to upgrading the existing study programs in the area of Environment and introducing new multidisciplinary study programs for Environmental protection and climate change at the Universities of Western Balkan countries.

Outcomes will be: a book of the abstract, a handbook, audio-visual and textual content, Powerpoint presentations, training materials, research materials and research conclusions.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Kiril Jordanov