Future Western Balkans Entrepreneurs (WBAApreneurs)

Western Balkans region, the region full of diversity, the region of delicious food and friendly people, a great history but as well the region with high unemployment rates and a trend of brain drain. We invite motivated WBAA members from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, interested in acquiring some entrepreneurial skills and to whom changes in society and cross-border collaborations present lifestyle, to apply to this project and to be part of a group that will meet in July this year in Belgrade. Beside the two-day training on entrepreneurship, which will be the main topic of this event, 5 participants from each of the listed countries will have the opportunity for networking and cultural exchange through the series of creative activities. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to feel the summer weather in Belgrade, join a Belgrade city culture tour and take part in some networking sport and recreational activities.

Project Manager: Milan Stojanovic milan87stojanovic@gmail.com

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Milan Stojanovic