Include to diversity

This project aims to provide a one-day training in two locations in Kosovo, in Prishtina and in Prizren. The training will be focused on inclusion and diversity, in two levels both awareness increasing and skills enriching. The need for this type of training has been present for a long period in Kosovo, nonetheless due to other social problems in the country, it has not been the focus of a structured strategy especially from the central governing bodies. The idea behind the training is to equip the trainees with the skills and the knowledge about inclusion issues, diversity and involvement in community, so that they are well-prepared to handle issues in their future job or situations which require delicate handling. The trainings will be held in two cities, in order to cover as much as possible participants from diverse regions of the country. Each training will have at most 30 participants. Participants will have to apply online and they will be selected based on the previously set criteria and the biggest needs of the candidate. The main aim of the training is to deliver a group of young people who have the awareness and the skills about the importance of diversity, inclusion and involvement in the community, and as such contribute directly themselves in the near future.

Project manager: Artë Retkoceri

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Artë Retkoceri