Internationalisation and Mobility Conference

As opportunities for an international educational experience surge, it is important to make sure that certain changes are made in order to facilitate and improve the process. This project will be aimed at the development of education internationalisation in Serbia and, by extent, in the region. Thorough research has been conducted in cooperation with the HERE team (Higher Education Reform Experts team) and its results have revealed the most frequent problems in mobility faced by incoming students coming to Serbia. Our idea is to use this research, then collect and make a selection of papers dealing with the same topic. The collection of papers would then be adapted and made widely accessible by translating it into English. Furthermore, the project would be a chance for WBAA members in Serbia to work together and make a contribution to the overall research on the internationalisation of education. 2-day training.

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Project manager: Maksim Karanović

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Maksim Karanović