Learning and encouraging students from technical sciences to participate in European exchange programs

Programs like Erasmus +, Maria Sklodowska‐Curie are still unknown for a large percentage of students in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lectures and workshops that are organised are mainly intended for employees in higher education institutions and then, they try to motivate students to participate in these projects. There is, however, still a significant increase in the number of teaching staff exchanges within European programs compared to the number of students participating in exchanges. The goal of this project is to gather students and staff from Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the region (Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia…) who have been part of the education in exchange programs. The purpose of the gathering is to convey their experiences and to encourage students who have not had such experiences to take part in these programs. Since the workshop organiser would be the Faculty of Technology of the University of Banja Luka, the target group would be students of technical sciences from the country and the region. 2days workshop

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Project manager: Borislav Malinovic borislav.malinovic@tf.unibl.org

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Borislav Malinovic