Modernization in higher education institutions in Western Balkan in terms of digitalization

Project coordinator: Aleksandar Davkov

COVID-19 has pushed the world into digitalization. Universities were urged to speed up the transfer of their work to online and blended learning and teaching. According to the European University Association, the use of digital learning and teaching was already growing gradually in European higher education, then COVID-19 made it mandatory almost overnight.

So the process of digitalization suddenly became an essential need for the implementation of teaching in higher education. For proper and constant education of students, it is necessary to find all appropriate ways of digital transfer of information and knowledge. It is necessary to work and reason on digital tools that will be useful and accepted by students based on their needs. The digital approaches also require overall coordination in terms of policies (for example, on data protection, ethics, and assessment) and a significant investment.

Additionally, the project will work on new methods and tools that can be used in higher education. In the process of education, professors and students are accustomed to one type of communication and find it difficult to get out of their comfort zone and change their habits. Habits often close the door to new, more innovative and effective ways and methods. All these challenges raise many questions and motivate us to think a step ahead. What is the future of education? What tools should we use to interest the participants to try and think of new ways of digitalization of the educational processes?
Тhe project will establish a platform for sharing and obtaining new knowledge, experience, and best practices for the digitalization of higher education. The project will finish with a guideline that will serve as a motivation and practical guidance for the Universities to think and implement digitalization as a long-term strategic approach and to seize the most out of it.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Aleksandar Davkov