Photography exhibit No borders generation

The photography exhibit No borders generation aims to present and promote young people who have been a part of Erasmus mobility programs, Serbian students and foreign students alike. The exhibit will present about 25 photographs of students accompanied by quotes from interviews with them where they explain how Erasmus has changed the way they think and what impact it has on their lives and most importantly, what skills useful for their career they learned on Erasmus. The photographs will be taken by a photographer-volunteer. The organization is carried out by WBAA members in collaboration with the Alumni organization of the Faculty of philology. The most important goal of this project is to fight prejudice and build bridges, and we believe that the medium of photography is ideal as it can communicate the message of intercultural exchange to people of different nationalities and languages. No borders generation will not only present students who have taken part in exchange programs but will also hopefully inspire others to be more open and to think about applying for Erasmus themselves.

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Project manager: Jovana Milovanovic

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Jovana Milovanovic