Social entrepreneurship through the prism of Erasmus +

The importance of social entrepreneurship is of great importance for maintaining ethics and empathy in the process of planning our business, and thus creating a comfortable ambience in the everyday space in which the business activities are carried out. This project is actually a two-day training, with a structured informal approach to education that will give a clear picture of social entrepreneurship with an overview of the meaning of creative ideas. This topic will open the horizons of the participants and attendees to think with an entrepreneurial spirit, taking into consideration the experiences and contacts received through the Erasmus + Exchange and in the formal process. The target group of the project are young people from the Republic of Northern Macedonia who are in the process of completing their higher education or young people who have just graduated with a degree of higher education. These are individuals who can very well fit into the topic and use this knowledge in the process of tracing their own business life.

Project manager: Aleksandar Davkov

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Aleksandar Davkov