Students Exchange Portal (

Project Coordinator: Oleg Slatina

Objective: Increase participation of students and youth in mobility schemes and position WBAA as a relevant source of information for youth and students in this field. Input: We will use knowledge base and contacts of our partner organization in order to build quality content website. Activities: 1. We will organize two (2) working groups. One group will be made by Project Coordinator, ESN volunteers and WBAA members, this group will gather all relevant information, articles, reach out to people that participated in mobility programmes in order to make testimonials. This group will later systematize those information and forward it to relevant stakeholder or authority in order fact-check it. A second group will me made by Project Coordinator, Co-organizer and Web Development Agency that will work closely in order to make websites as impactful as possible, but also to follow the work of the hired Agency in order to meet deadlines as set in the Timeline. 2. Promotional campaigns and launching event will be organized after the completion of the website. Promotional campaign will consist of social media posts, youth and mainstream media articles, as well as contacting other youth and student organizations in order to promote the event and website. This launching event will be organized online via livestream, with a Q&A session at the end. 3. Distribution of promotional materials and articles to HEI. Output: One Students Exchange Portal will be developed and published. One promotional event will be organized. Promotional materials will be printed and distributed to HEI. Outcome: Widening participation of youth and students in mobility schemes and making it easier for them to access relevant information through the website. Familiarize youth and students with WBAA and position it as relevant source of information in this field.

Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Oleg Slatina