The magic of creating successful project proposals

The idea is to gather as a group of diverse (WBAA, research/projects/…) team members, to receive (1) a project proposal application training that will result with members obtaining knowledge in proposal writing through main theoretical guidelines and (2) a working example of project application that will be used as actual application for funding in near future – e.g. the Macro study, the tracer sub-applications, the one-stop-shop platform for international mobility, etc. It is planned as a two-day workshop. The workflow would allow members to go through selection of specific (external to WBAA) funding actions (e.g. COST, Visegrad+, E+, …), selection of external training provider to combine with WBAA coordinators for working out the example and training curriculum and realise the workshop. In addition, a live streaming for the ones who cannot be present in person, and attempt for professional video recording of the training (in the form of tutorial to be made available to other WBAA members for future dissemination and reference) will be organised. The event also includes a sustainability aspect of the organizational knowledge competence since some of the participating members would be appointed as contact persons and future tutors for expansion and knowledge dissemination within WBAA.

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Project manager: Renata Petrevska

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Renata Petrevska