Training of Strategic and Action Planning, and Writing Public Policies, as a Mechanism of Public Advocacy

Project Coordinator: Milan Stojanovic

With this 4-day project we will try to face one common issue present in our region, and it is a lack of understanding and practice regarding initial research, preparation and implementation of strategic planning and action planning, alongside with preparation of grassroots policy papers aimed at modernization of Higher Education. The training is designed to include interactive lectures, workshops, group divisions and teamwork. Regional participants will contribute with their specific experiences from their respective countries. The group work within the seminar will thus include particular, real life examples to better connect the theoretical inputs and ideas with the actual situations in the field. This will enable better knowledge transfer and additionally prepare the participants to better deal with the Higher Education modernization changes they want to see in their countries. This training will contribute as well to WBAA visibility by engaging WBAA members firstly in learning about strategic and action planning and then by disseminating this knowledge and know-how practices to other social and educational stakeholders of their respective countries as a follow up activity and according to the findings and conclusions they obtained from this WBAA training. And finally, bringing together 25 WBAA members from all over the region for sure will have a great impact in regional interaction and connectivity and in the long term will lead to better utilization of WBAA resources.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Milan Stojanovic