WIN a Project | Apply – Win – Implement

Project Coordinator: Lamija Balta

The WBAA associates from BiH, Serbia, and Montenegro in communication with the Board and other active WBAA members have noticed that many volunteers in our association lack the skills for writing project proposals and therefore are not motivated to apply for project calls and implement their ideas. These statistics have further decreased due to the current pandemic situation worldwide. Many WBAA members are not skilled enough to write a successful project proposal, and in turn, are not able to impact society and motivate less active members as well as prospective Erasmus+ participants to do the same in the future.

The overall aim of our project is the capacity building for WBAA members so that in the future they can write and submit the project proposals on their own. Moreover, an additional benefit of this training is the team building and networking with WBAA members since we all can learn from each other’s diverse backgrounds.

Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Lamija Balta