Western Balkans Alumni Association


Please note that the WBAA teams are currently undergoing a restructuring and these teams will soon be abolished and replaced by new teams.

Academic and Career Development

  • Informs members and WB students constantly on opportunities in the field of study and professional qualifications, through the website or information during organized activities;
  • Is responsible for questions and requests information about WB students in every field;
  • Proposes ideas and projects on academic and career preparation and the changes that can be made in this area. Projects constructed in collaboration with the Department of Projects;
  • Strengthen the links between Higher Education and the Labour Market to ease school-to-work transition and increase graduates’ employability.

Communication and IT

  • Inspects demands and conflicts of members and submits them to the steering committee;
  • Manages and deals with the entire online presence and printed content of WBAA;
  • Promotes WBAA on a national and international level;
  • Enhance communication and cooperation with decision-makers, representatives of higher education institutions and other relevant stakeholders.


  • Conducts the research to support project activities;
  • Proposes, reviews, applies and implements project activities;
  • Monitors project implementation;
  • Follows-up the budget expenditures in cooperation with the Department of Finances


  • Actively contributes to improving the framework within which WBAA projects are developed, execited, monitored and evaluated;
  • Mission to continuously provide support to WBAA board and members in organizing and conducting open calls and WBAA projects

Internal Affairs

  • Responsible for the discucssion and ongoing verification regarding the legal framework in which WBAA is working;
  • Is in exchange with other WBAA teams for setting up documents that deal with internal regulations and processes in order to produce the necessary updates that are needed for reacting in due time to the ongoing internal changes of network