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Dear world,

Can you hear us? … Ok

In the last weekend of September 2019, about 40 WBAA-nians & collaborates (from Bosnia&Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia) from various parts of the Higher Education ecosystem in the WESTERN BALKANS gathered to CO-CREATE some MAGIC TOGETHER, in the enchanted MOLIKA forest in Bitola, the south of North Macedonia

The topic in discussion: how to develop successful project proposals for external funding – was delivered in a novel three-concept instructional design: STRATEGY, TACTICS and OPERATIONAL aspects.

On the side of the participants: DIVERSE backgrounds, languages, career stages, employers, ambitions, expectations, ideas, plans – UNIFIED through the precious REGIONAL component of WBAA.

On the side of the trainers: abundant CAPABILITIES such as National Agency expertise, academic, governmental and non-governmental experience, project evaluation capacities and financial and business practitioners.

The overall workshop impressions: HARDWORKING, condensed and heavy informational workflow – in line with the vibrant composition of the participating young intellectuals! All towards building bridges, co-creating value together, uncovering the ‘magical’ ELEMENTS that go much more beyond filling the proposal forms towards producing idea on top of idea for the network/consortium, alignment with priorities, dynamic re-configuration, working out own project examples, coaching, making video tutorials and repository of materials for the virtual exchange and broader impact, creating webinars per funding lines, donating the props (like the map, the heart, …) to a primary school, choosing honesty, integrity and clarity personally and for our teams, …

The INNOVATIVE cherry on the cake: Project Management TACTICS in a SCOUTING GAME in Enchanted Forest – exhibiting and experiencing a project beginning-to-end capturing main tactical management principles, through the symbolical frameworks of the scouts -> finding OUR TRUE NORTH on the compass of our lives.

CREATED and organised from and for WBAA-nian VOLUNTEERS & PARTNERS, made possible by the WBAA internal projects funding, ‘equipped’ with comprehensive managerial reasoning, we, as MOTIVATED, NETWORKED, INSPIRED YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, PROMISED to “work on a project proposal / or be involved in one in the upcoming year, for the better future of us all”!

Check out what the camera captured, enjoy the teaser video for the tactical scouting game and hang on for more of our magical impact!

Sincere thank you to the trainers: Aleksandar Bogojevski, Head of unit for higher education, National Agency of Republic of North Macedonia, Mimoza Bogdanoska Jovanovska, assoc. prof. dr. UKLO MK and Renata Petrevska Nechkoska, assist. prof. dr UKLO MK and PostDoc UGENT BE.

Sincere thank you to the team! Amila, Zarja, Hida, Emina, Artë, Mërgim, Baton, Milan, Milena, Vuk, Teuta, Anisa, Marjola, Filip, Daniela, Valentina, Lazar, Andrija, Tamara, Olivera, Mimoza, Aleksandar, Rebeka, Emilija, Ivana, Ilija, Aleksandra, Vladimir, Simona, Jasmina, Marjan, Ljupco, Ilco, Lutjona, Lejla, Noela & Renata, the project manager for WBAA.

Date: 11 Dec 2019
Author: Renata Petrevska Nechkoska

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