Tracer Study

Dear WBAA community,

We are glad to announce that after a lot of hard work, dedication and collaborative effort by the Western Balkans Alumni Association volunteers, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, Austria, the Service Provider for WBAA and the European Commission, we are conveying our TRACER STUDY!

What is the WBAA Tracer Study all about?

The WBAA tracer study aims to gather alumni relevant perceptions, opinions, experiences, knowledge, memories, pathways & ideas to contribute to the academic landscape and economies of the Western Balkan countries.

Alumni from the Western Balkans who have spent part of their studies outside the Western Balkans in one of the Erasmus+ Programme Countries, either as an EU or non-EU country scholar or as a self-funded individual are welcome to take part in the study which will be launched in June 2021!

YOU, as the ones who have experienced both education systems (Western Balkans and the European Union) are the ones who can make functional bridges and provide constructive material for making a positive change!



Check out more info on the study here:

Stay tuned for more information and the launch of the study on all our channels!

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