20/09/2023 | Votes

The elections for the new Board member for the Bosnia & Herzegovinian Chapter is open now – cast your vote!


This goes out to all WBAA members from Bosnia & Herzegovina who have been registered in the WBAA online community:

You can vote for your new National Representatives for the WBAA Regional Board between Wednesday September 20 at 2pm CEST and you have until Tuesday September 26 at 2pm CEST to cast your vote.

Please log into the WBAA Online Community and go to the Elections section: https://community.western-balkans-alumni.eu/

If you have problems logging into the online community or casting your vote for the election, please contact it-support@western-balkans-alumni.eu.

Please also note the following information on the elections:

Click on Election for New National Representative Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • You have one vote and can cast it for either Tihomir Latinovic or Semir Sikira
  • To vote, please click first on the ‘SELECT’ button next to the candidate’s name or Abstain and then on the ‘VOTE’ button below

Please cast your vote by Tuesday September 26 2023 2:00pm CEST

To find out more about the candidates Tihomir Latinovic and Semir Sikira and their motivation, please check their profile in the online community and the WBAA website.

Please take the opportunity to vote for your new Board member.

We are looking forward to the result!

Caroline Simmler on behalf of the Service Provider

Germany, Cologne 20th of September, 2023