BioINForming – Pilot

Project coordinator: Katarina Elez

Bioinformatics is a constantly developing field where computational methods are applied to biological and clinical data. The aim of the project ‘BioINForming – Pilot’ is to introduce young students to bioinformatics, its related career paths and EU mobility opportunities.

We will first survey high school students in Montenegro to collect information about their background knowledge and their interest in bioinformatics. We will use the collected information to organize a customized one-week training school tailored to meet students’ expectations. The training school will cover basic concepts in bioinformatics by integrating both theory and practice. The participants will have the opportunity to work together and apply their newly acquired theoretical knowledge to solve engaging real-world problems. With this pilot project, we hope to build a solid basis for the training school in bioinformatics to become a regular yearly event.

We would like to achieve the following:
1. Give free access to a one-week training school in bioinformatics to deserving high school students;
2. Contribute to the promotion of natural sciences and IT in Montenegro;
3. Provide advice on academic development and EU mobility schemes;
4. Create a framework for future training schools and longer-term mentoring opportunities.

See how it went.

Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Katarina Elez