Get Ready for Career

Project Coordinator: Sonja Sovljanski

The main objective is to strengthen the capacity of youth for future job/scholarship/internship positions through knowledge about: self-assessment (awareness of their abilities, interests, values, strengths and weaknesses), about the professional information (monitoring needs and trends in the labour or education market), skills for setting appropriate objectives, planning, decision making, problem solving and preparation for job interview). -Implementation of the online trainings, 30 workshops, divided in 4 modules: Interview Preparation, Professional Orientation, Business Life Cycle and Career Soft Skills – Development of the Manual Ready for Career in which will be all the information from the trainings. Each topic would be on at least 4 pages, more than 70 pages overall, and done by lecturer who held that topic. Design will be done by a professional designer and also from specialist done proofreading. – During all modules/workshops and in Manual there will be shared experiences from Erasmus+ offering testimonies of their own mobility experiences and providing information about their experience with exploring options, interviews, process of applications and studies or internships abroad, and how that affected their career later.
MODULE 1. Interview Preparation (3 hours, per 10 days)
MODULE 2. Professional Orientation (3 hours, per 9 days)
MODULE 3. Soft Career Skills

  1. Resilience and How to Develop It (3 hours)
  2. Effective Communication and Emotional Intelligence (3 hours)
  3. Emotional Intelligence in Leadership (3 hours)
  4. Managing Stress trough Public Speech (3 hours)
  5. Nonviolent communication techniques (3 hours)
  6. Empowerment of Self-esteem (3 hours)
    MODULE 4 Business Life Cycle and Your Career (3 hours per 5 days)

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Sonja Sovljanski