How to maintain mental stability, positive spirit and increase productivity in the time of covid pandemic

Project coordinator: Vesna Travica

On behalf of the Western Balkans Alumni Association, The Serbian Center for RE & CBT, the external expert and a licensed CBT Psychotherapist, PhD Professor Gordana Nikić and the WBAA Project Coordinator and PhD candidate in Psychology Vesna Travica will organize and conduct the webinar “How to maintain mental stability, positive spirit and increase productivity in the time of covid pandemic” from 18.- 19.09. 2021. We all feel consequences of the global problem that the covid pandemic has brought into our lives: social isolation, economic crisis, reduced productivity, negative consequences for physical and mental health (increased confusion, anxiety, tension, aggression, stress and depression, sleeping disorders, decreased motivation for daily activities and reduced productivity, concern for the future, etc). These problems have been observed not only in the middle-aged and elderly people, but also in young people. One of the most important causes of all these problems is a limited social life. The main goal of this project is to try to help WBAA members and Erasmus Students from 6 WBAA countries to maintain mental stability and a positive spirit which is the basis for strengthening productivity and creativity in this difficult time. Through activities: interactive lectures, discussions, workshops, practical exercises and brainstorming, participants will develop basic skills for dealing with stressful situations caused by the covid pandemic. They will learn how to change their irrational beliefs, thoughts and dysfunctional emotions into rational beliefs, thoughts and functional and positive emotions. They will also learn how to maintain a positive spirit in difficult situations. By developing skills on how to cope with stressful situations and reduce stress, they will be able to increase productivity and efficiency at their studies, work and in their private life.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Vesna Travica