JOB – Preparation Application Simulation

Project coordinator: Dejan Galovski

The project aims to organise a training session “JOB – Preparation Application Simulation” in the English language from 6 – 9 October in the mountain resort Popova Sapka, North Macedonia. The maximum number of participants in a training session is 20 WBAA members. The project will be organised by the applicant and one co-applicant with the support of two local Western Balkan NGOs. Besides education participants will have a chance to enjoy and hike in the mountain with a professional tour guide. The goal of the project is to prepare WBAA members for the job interview and to give skills on how to successfully pass the job interview. Besides the educational part, the project will have the aim to make connections among WBAA members who will share their experiences and make a strong WBAA community.

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Time period: 2022

Project Manager : Dejan Galovski