Mentorship by WBAA activists & Problem solving (Decision-making training)

Project Coordinator: Vesna Travica

On behalf of the Western Balkans Alumni Association, in collaboration with Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Serbia and Foundation Tempus, we will organize a project “Mentorship by WBAA activists & Problem-solving training” in April 2022. in Pancevo and Belgrade. Young people in the Western Balkans are passive and depressed and do not see opportunities for their future. Due to the covid pandemic situation, they are not willing to apply for Erasmus + mobility programs. They also do not have access to accurate information about mobility programs. Another problem we are trying to solve with this project is inactivity of WBAA members. By organizing training in developing skills in problem solving and decision making and by gathering WBAA members from all over the region, we will try to motivate WBAA members to be more active, optimistic, determined and effective, and to become mentors for new students ready to experience academic mobility programs. By providing correct and accurate information on programs within Erasmus+ framework 2021-2027. and other mobility programs prospective students will gain a clear picture of possibilities for studying abroad. Mentorship by WBAA members and the exchange of Alumni’s mobility experiences with prospective students aims to encourage them to apply for some of the exchange programs that could be precious for their future professional and personal lives. By organizing psychological workshops, social activities and tours of Belgrade and Pancevo, we would like to create a strong network of WBAA mentors and prospective Erasmus students.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Vesna Travica