Skills and individual values for alumni and future alumni students involved in the European projects

Project Coordinator: Kiril Jordanov

A particularly important feature of volunteering is the personal development of the young person engaged as a volunteer. Personal development refers to creative processes of realization and increase of psychological, social and spiritual potentials, but in accordance with the age of the young person and the specific experiences and needs of the person. By building different individual competencies, the different needs of each individual are approached, with particular emphasis on increasing the educational potential of people coming from countries where the education system has not incorporated these competencies. Through volunteering, a person can develop self-respect and respect for others, as well as apply their knowledge and skills through different types of volunteering activities. The four-day project idea addresses contemporary and current issues of volunteering, volunteers, and their role in improving communities and society as a whole. In the absence of general awareness of the benefits of volunteering, the project idea intends to emphasize the importance of the personal and professional development of young people through active engagement in various volunteer programs. The project will unite 60 WBAA members, future WBAA members, experts in the field and other stakeholders which during the 4-day activities will work on capacity building and promotion of positive values. The final goal is the development of entrepreneurial skills and individual values for alumni and future alumni students working on European projects.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Kiril Jordanov