Project Coordinator: Nebojsa Ratkovic

SkillUp is an online mentorship program that connects potential Erasmus+ candidates and current students with experienced alumni members and members of the WBAA community. The coronavirus pandemic has primarily impacted the youthful people, who have been denied access to some types of education, such as offline education, mobility programs, peer networking, and knowledge exchange through a variety of programs that were previously available. With this project, we aim to make a difference by highlighting the necessary skills that young people may learn and/or develop. Writing and directing projects, taking the initiative, cultivating a proactive mindset, and having an entrepreneurial spirit are just a few examples. Even when young people participate in a variety of projects, one of the issues they face is how to portray themselves and their work to others. We expect that by completing this project, we will demonstrate how to show themselves with dedication, as well as the key factors to which they must pay attention. This proactive attitude to their work and development will allow students to create an entrepreneurial spirit. The Balkan region, in which the initiative will be implemented, is particularly sensitive to young people’s free choice during and after graduation. Young people are not adequately aware of the value of social involvement and professional development, partly owing to sociocultural factors. Because of the fact that most young people are in bad financial situations, they often do not strive to invest in themselves and instead take the first job that comes along. These employment may drive them in other ways, away from their education and original desires in certain situations. With this initiative, we strive to teach young people how to avoid this by encouraging them to participate in numerous programs throughout their schooling and, subsequently, to start setting their own course.

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Time period: 2021

Project Manager : Nebojsa Ratkovic