Application for the training “New normal – virtual conferencing toolbox”  is open now!

Would you like to make virtual conferencing and meetings more powerful and interactive?   Do you know exactly how to plan and manage online events?   Do you lack focus and self-direction into remote and hybrid learning?   Would you like to discover how to overcome communication obstacles and shyness?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, online training on virtual tools for online meetings and collaboration is for you!

Video conferencing can be exhausting, even for highly engaged participants during an in-person session. WBAA project “Build Strong Relationships Regionally – Virtual Toolbox for Making Virtual Conferencing and Meetings More Powerful and Interactive” and series of online trainingsNew normal – virtual conferencing toolbox” have an aim to provide adequate skillsets and modern tools for young people (18-35 years) from the Western Balkan countries (B&H, Montenegro and Serbia) on how virtual events can be a blast.

Online trainings will consist of lectures, workshops and Q&A sessions and will ensure successful guidance of the transition from “normal” to “new normal” and “post-new normal” in the year of pandemic. The lectures and workshops together with adequate supporting materials will showcase to the WBAA participants how to create highly interactive, dynamic, well-organised and well-attended online events, and finally last but not less important, how to overcome shyness and how to speak better online. All participants will experience group work for implementation and practical presentation of key learnings. After all modules, participants will receive an e-brochure with the key learning points from lectures and workshops as well as with use-case based check-list for participants’ future events & projects as the outcome on which participants can build on their future projects.

Some of the topics will be how to have participants/students engaged, how to use e-games, mind maps, quizzes, how to improve speaking and presentational skills and how to organize and promote online events.

This educational project will be conducted by highly skilled professional trainers with proven experience in EU educational projects, on-line education, and corporate communication Marija Stevuljevic, M. A. and Ivana Jovanovic, PhD candidate.

#NewNormal is here – are you ready to adapt?

How to apply: Please fill in this questionnaire. Be quick – first come, first served! The maximum number of participants is 30.

Who can apply: All WBAA members and/or non-WBAA members (18-35 years) from the Western Balkan countries (B&H, Montenegro & Serbia). WBAA encourages people from disadvantaged groups to participate.

Working language: Serbian

Application time: November 10-30, 2021. Application closes on November 30 at noon.

Selection of the participants: December 1-5, 2021. All applications will be replied about the status.

Training dates: The training consists of two lectures, two workshops and one interactive Q&A session. Dates and timeslots (afternoon terms with max 2h per session) available below (it might be subject to change):

WBAA members:
Lecture 01 & workshop 01: Dec 06-07 (Mon-Tue)
Lecture 02 & workshop 02: Dec 13-14 (Mon-Tue)
Q&A session: Dec 16 (Thu)

Non-WBAA members:
Lecture 01 & workshop 01: Dec 07-08 (Tue-Wed)
Lecture 02 & workshop 02: Dec 14-15 (Tue-Wed)
Q&A session: Dec 17 (Fri)

Training place: On-line platform (tbd).

Project coordinator: Milan Milenkovic

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For all questions and/or more information, you can contact us via e-mail wbaaprojects@gmail.com

NewNormal conferencing toolbox