Adelina Basholli

Candidate for Vice Head for Advocacy of Research


What is your motivation to apply for this position?    

My motivation is closely related with the current work that we are running with the Research Team, the Tracer Study and upcoming projects. Hence, I want to continue sharing and contributing with my knowledge in this team.


What plans or ideas do you have for the team?

Move on with the Tracer Study and propose new projects where we as a team could participate and help in improving higher education in Western Balkans.


What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

  • Positive Energy
  • Good communication and collaboration
  • PhD experience in Research
  • Academic experience in teaching


Please describe your previous involvement with WBAA.

  • Deputy Head of Research Team
  • Project Lead for: Bridging the gap between academia and industry through industrial boards and updated curricula (First call for projects)
  • Regular meetings of WBAA either teams, or assembly