Jonila Gabrani

Candidate for Vice Head for Advocacy of Transition from higher education to labour market and professional life


What is your motivation to apply for this position?

I am an enthusiastic team player, trustful and with proven research implementation.


What plans or ideas do you have for the team?

I aim to combine my research and policy engagement to orient the group in more effective and productive decisionmaking. 


What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

My primary research interests are focused on access to public and private primary healthcare services, health seeking behaviors among adults and elderly people, decentralization of healthcare, the role of nurses in health service improvement, mental health and quality of care. I am also interested in investigating out of pocket payments in health systems in transition, especially for non-communicable diseases. I have gained proffesional and life experience working on health project implementation in Albania and internationally, with multi-sectorial teams, bringing together academia, communities, and policy stakeholders. I constantly try to investigate the keen issues affecting socio-economic developments and health in Albania, contextualizing the topics into the Eastern European frame


Please describe your previous involvement with WBAA

I only recently applied to be member of the community