Marijan Tustonja

Candidate for Vice Head for Advocacy of Higher Education Reform & Equal access to higher education


What is your motivation to apply for this position?

My biggest motivation for applying for this position is that I have been working with students with disabilities at my university for the last three years. I am personally involved in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities because my brother and sister are people with intellectual disabilities.


What plans or ideas do you have for the team?

I believe that my experience in working with students with disabilities can contribute to the development of this team. Furthermore, personal involvement in representing the rights of siblings can contribute to knowing the situation of this category of persons in society.


What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

  • Representation
  • Knowledge of the area I work in
  • Connection with students with disabilities
  • Communication skills in working with this category
  • Completed study of social work
  • Empathy
  • Motivation to make changes
  • Strong will


Please describe your previous involvement with WBAA

I have no previous involvement with WBAA.