Tara Lipovina

Candidate for Head of Team of Transition from higher education to labour market and professional life


What is your motivation to apply for this position?

The reason why I would like to become the leader of the team for the transition from higher education to the labor market and professional life is the desire to share the experience with other students, which would prepare them for the transition from being a student to becoming a young professional. After completing my specialization, I started the Master’s degree and struggled for quite some time to apply theoretical knowledge in the field. This could be a lack of an education system to which I belonged, which in many cases has failed to address such issues, or a lack of access to information. It could be many things, just not a lack of opportunity, since I was given many, but I didn’t recognize it. Nevertheless, I am currently a Ph.D. student, working as a research assistant in a very competitive market such as Luxembourg, and one would say that I have passed the necessary checks for such a transition. The failures, and the successes I experienced along with the transition, could be valuable to others and I am willing to share them, and this can be considered as the main motive behind this application. 


What plans or ideas do you have for the team?

As for plans and ideas for next year, if I happen to be selected for this position, it would be to organize workshops to prepare students for job interviews, where participants would learn how to express their qualities and take advantage of their weaknesses. Being aware of the disadvantages (such as language) and identifying them, allows them to be properly addressed and prevents them from becoming a barrier in the labor market. This would be preceded by training on how to write a cover letter and resume. I would also take the initiative to create a database of potential jobs and internship opportunities, to which each participant would have access. Afterwards, I would organize a Regional Job Fair that could be held online unless circumstances allow otherwise. This would be an opportunity for students to present themselves in the labor market. Besides above indicated plans for the team, I am welcoming new ideas from all team members. 


What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

I believe that I can contribute to the team by investing my acquired knowledge from three different Universities, and skills acquired from professional experiences, both necessary for managing projects and leading a team. I consider myself a hardworking, and persistent person, and based upon the projects which I coordinated, I would also describe myself as a very organised, focused-on-results person. I would be honored to lead a team of young and innovative persons from my region, who are eager to learn and work. Leading a team would represent great responsibility, but also an opportunity for new experiences. I am open to any suggestions from any member of the team since I am advocating for inclusion and equality, and these are two main principles upon which the team would be built.


Please describe your previous involvement with WBAA

My first engagement with WBAA was in 2019 when the first General Assembly (held in Tirana) was organized. At that time, I was still a BA student from Montenegro, with an international background; and being part of such an inclusive association helped me to integrate into the Western Balkan student community. Moreover, knowing that I can still be part of the WBAA, no matter where I decide to continue my studies, encouraged me to become a member of the association. Later I participated in Social Media Management skill training held in Belgrade, organized by WBAA. This experience helped me to be better positioned in the labor market since, besides other skills, I had the certificate issued by WBAA that I successfully completed the training in social media management and acquired new knowledge. This is one of the reasons why I support all WBAA initiatives, and why I tend to be more involved in future activities, which would be providing students and young professionals with practical knowledge