Xhevahir Doçaj

Candidate for Vice Head for Advocacy of Quality mobility / student exchange within higher education


What is your motivation to apply for this position?

Firstly, I always wanted to have a positive impact on our society, thus since I was a student I have been an active member of different NGOs in Albania where I had the chance to learn by doing and share my knowledge and networking with other youngsters.


What plans or ideas do you have for the team?

Due to my previous experience in youth exchanges, training courses and research I have concluded myself that exactly these social oriented activities are the bridges that connect us all together into a stronger and healthier society. I’d like to mention my experience as an Erasmus+ exchange student during my master studies which helped me to network with international academics, professors and colleagues. Thus, I will be glad to support and help students with application procedures, inform them about new opportunities and projects. As a confident and empathic person with an European prospective future vision, I’m willing to share my creative and innovative ideas and impact positively on the challenges of our society.


What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

I have always been an active youngster and volunteer member of different projects and NGOs. I have worked with different teams in national and international environment and this allowed me to expand my horizon and develop communication, accountability and integrity skills. I get easily adapted to different situations & intercultural environments. As a self-motivated person I have developed problem-solving skills, have an prospective strategic vision and being confident & able to encourage and motivate people. Having said that, I am willing to utilise my leadership skills to bring innovation and prosperity in our society.


Please describe your previous involvement with WBAA

I have not participated in WBAA projects so far but I am willing to be an active member of WBBA from now on.